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Proven Track Record

We’ve been active since the E-commerce Fulfillment boom in 2009. We’ve serviced businesses all across Southeast Asia with stellar results!

Performance Oriented

We measure ourselves based on quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, and cost performance objectives. We strive to always be better than before.

Seamless Integration

We partner with major marketplaces, e-commerce fulfillment software, and last mile providers to ensure a streamlined experience for your online business.

Expansion Opportunities

With e-commerce fulfillment centres set up in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and China, you’ll be poised to expand your business far beyond your initial location.

More Than Just Fulfillment

We provide you with powerful e-commerce fulfillment capabilities that go beyond fulfillment. These include increasing sales engagement and marketing your business through all possible channels.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each and every one of our accounts are precious to us. Our e-commerce account managers respond promptly to all questions regarding your business. Their knowledge and attention to detail will let you stay up to date even on the most minor facts of your business.


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